100 million people with your business card

By | Posted November 3rd, 2011

You probably know of LinkedIn. You may have a half-completed profile that you check once a month. And maybe people looking for work contact you through it every now and then. Up until now, that’s about all you needed to know about LinkedIn.

Recently though, the professional networking site has started to evolve, and if you use it correctly, it could become a valuable part of your business’ social plan.

While almost everybody is on Facebook, LinkedIn may allow you to target more of the people you want to talk to. The average household income of a LinkedIn member is $109,000 compared to under $100,000 for Facebook. And of business decision makers, 45% have a LinkedIn profile, while only 25% have a Facebook profile.

Here are 3 reasons to build a presence for your business on LinkedIn:

The ultimate business card

Why create a company page? Simply put, it’s an opportunity to expose your company to over 100-million members – for free. The current site doesn’t offer a great way to find companies by category, but functionality will likely improve and you might as well establish your presence now.  Get more information on setting up a company page here:


Establish thought-leadership

LinkedIn company pages allow you to post status updates of up to 500 characters. The updates can include links, images and videos. You can also set up an RSS feed to automatically publish entries from your company blog.  It’s a great way to start conversations and establish your company as an industry leader.

Any LinkedIn member can comment on, like or share a company status update, and any comment they leave will be shared with their network – exposing even more people to your company.

Attract top-tier talent

LinkedIn allows members to follow companies, so they’ll be exposed to your status updates, see your employee profiles, and get a general sense of your organization.  You can also post open jobs as a status update and attract top talent while showing off your business as a great place to work.

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