5 More Ways to Green Your Office

By | Posted April 12th, 2012

Looking for more ways to make your office eco-friendly? We’ve come up with 5 more tips to help your workplace lessen its environmental impact.

  1. Monitor Paper Usage: Sure it would be great if all offices could run paperless, but if that’s not in the near future for your company, try some of these tips. Make sure your copy machine and printer are stacked only with 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and look for paper that is processed chlorine-free (PCF). You can buy this paper in bulk at all office supply stores, like Staples and Office Depot.
  2. Use Soy-Based Ink: Soy-based ink has lower levels of organic compounds than petroleum-based ink and produces brighter and sharper colors. It also makes paper easier to recycle during the de-inking process.
  3. Print Double-Sided: Print hardcopies only when necessary, and if printing multiple pages, set up your office printer to print double-sided.
  4. Buy Reusable: Coffee is a necessity in every office. Reduce coffee waste entirely by buying reusable coffee filters. Try Cusp Natural Products’ reusable coffee filters made from hemp, which can last for years and are very cost-efficient.
  5. Smarter Commuting: Carpools and public transportation help lessen your  impact on the environment. If you live near a co-worker, setting up a carpool schedule will also mean fewer trips to the gas station. Encouraging employees to walk or bike if they live near the office is another great way to go green.

Bonus: Bonus “green” points if your office uses MetroFax over traditional faxing to cut back on paper usage. Know of someone who could benefit from MetroFax? Set them up with a free 30-day trial.