5 Ways To Green Your Office

By | Posted April 10th, 2012

You don’t have to compost your leftovers or ride your bike through the rain to go green. There are easier ways you can help the environment. Here are 5 simple ways to start going green at the office.

  1. Start Small: Talk with your manager, boss, or the person in charge of general office maintenance and see if you can set up a recycling program. This could be as simple as putting recycling bins next to the garbage cans and posting friendly reminders around the office and in the kitchen. Starting small can make a HUGE difference!
  2. Flip the Switch: Do you work next to a window? Flip the switch on those overhead lights and work by natural light. It’s better for your eyes and the environment!
  3. Teleconference: When the time comes for a business meeting across town or across the country, look into the possibilities of teleconferencing. With today’s technologies, you can instant message, create forums or discussion groups, utilize online project management sites like Teambox™ or Dropbox™, and even have virtual face-to-face meetings with web-cam services like Skype™ or GoToMeeting®.
  4. Turn Off Your Computer: Leaving your computer on 24/7 is a big energy drain. Place a sticky note on your monitor reminding you to turn it off at the end of each workday and especially over the weekends. You can also set your computer and monitor to shut off automatically through your “stand-by” mode, which uses 70% less power than normal.
  5. Take the Plastic Out of the Kitchen: Plastic forks, cups and plates can only be used once. Investing in real silverware will help reduce landfills from filling up with unnecessary plastic waste.

What actions do you take to go green at your office?