Anatomy Of A Happy Office

By | Posted August 15th, 2012

Money isn’t everything, but a happy workplace might be—especially for your professional life. When your employees are content at their jobs, it can make a huge difference in workplace culture and productivity. Here’s a look at ways you can make your office a happier place. [1]

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Give them time.

  • 28% of working adults say they don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish what they need to do. [2]
  • Don’t take away hours in their day. [3]
    • Make sure the office is orderly and efficient.
    • Cut down on meeting times.
      • Have meetings standing up or before lunch to move them along.

 Let them use social media moderately.

  • A 2009 study shows that when employees visit sites for personal interest, there was a 9% increase in productivity. [4]
    • While this topic is still being debated, it may be worth a try.
      • Additional research shows 10-minute Facebook breaks might mean employees who are: [5]
        • Healthier
        • Happier
        • More Productive

Communicate constantly.

  • 33% of workers are worried their pay will be cut. [6]
  • 30% are worried their hours will be cut.
  • 30% are worried about getting laid off.
  • To mitigate fear and concern, over-communicate with employees. [7]
    • Tell them about the company’s:
      • Current position.
      • Its vision.
      • How it plans to advance.

Allow them to listen to music.

  • In a recent survey by UK licensing organizations, 77% of businesses said music at work: [8]
    • Improved the atmosphere.
    • Increased employee morale.

Appreciate your employees.

  • In a 2011 survey, 69% of employees said they’d work harder if they were better appreciated/recognized. [9]
  • If you don’t have the money for big financial rewards, show appreciation in simple ways: [10]
    • Have games in the breakroom.
    • Provide food for the office.
    • Thank specific employees after a job well done.
    • Write handwritten notes of thanks after big projects. [11]

Don’t let rain ruin workers’ moods.

  • 12% of workers are angrier or sadder on days that are gloomy. [12]
  • Help combat negative feelings when it’s raining with fun, indoor activities.
    • Play a television show in the breakroom.
    • Order-in lunch for your employees.
    • Plan indoor team-building activities.


There are many ways to help your employees feel valued, informed, and content at work. Making sure there’s a positive atmosphere will aid in improving morale and productivity.