Announcing MetroFax Printer 3.0

By | Posted January 25th, 2013

Last fall we updated the MetroFax Dashboard and now it’s time to bring you new features for the MetroFax Printer. With the MetroFax Printer, can fax from almost any Windows application as simply as printing a document.

We’re pleased to announce MetroFax Printer 3.0 with new features that customers just like you requested. Updates in this release include the following:

  • Desktop Alerts
    A Desktop Alert is a pop-up notification that appears on your Windows desktop when you receive a new fax. By default, Desktop Alerts are turned off.
  • Auto Print new faxes
    You can set up the MetroFax Printer so each new fax is automatically printed. Of course, your computer must be turned on, as well as your printer.
  • Download new faxes to your specified folder
    You can choose the folder on your computer where to save your faxes.
  • Microsoft Outlook 64-bit support
    MetroFax Printer 3.0 supports both 32- and 64-bit Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2010.
  • Use cover page defaults from MetroFax Dashboard
    No more double entries. You can import common information such as your name, address, and contact information from your Dashboard account information.
  • MetroFax Dashboard contacts are available as an address book
    If you’ve entered fax contacts in the MetroFax Dashboard, now when you send a fax using the MetroFax Printer, click To and your Dashboard contacts are available.
  • Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Mail address book support
    Use your Yahoo! Mail account with MetroFax.
  • Export/Import QuickFax contacts
    Have you entered Quick Fax contacts, but now want access to those contact on another computer? Now you can with the new export and import feature.
  • Send from secondary email address (when using MetroFax SSL)
    Up to 5 email addresses can be used at no additional charge with your MetroFax account. This enables you to send faxes via email from multiple email accounts — your work, home, or any email account you regularly use.
  • Encrypt sent faxes
    Increase the security of your faxes as they are in transit between your computer and MetroFax.
  • Use fax printer via command line parameters
    You can programmatically send multiple faxes from a batch file using command line parameters.

The new MetroFax Printer 3.0 is available for download now here.

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