By | Posted March 1st, 2012


Ready to smash your fax frustration away? Smash-A-Fax, our new Facebook video contest, aims to find the best videos of people destroying their old fax machines. Here’s how it works: Film yourself smashing your old fax machine and upload it to the MetroFax Facebook page. The first 10 video submissions will receive a $25 Amazon®

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Things To Avoid When Faxing

By | Posted January 27th, 2012


Have you ever wanted to throw your fax machine out the window? Take it out back and give it a piece of your mind? Do you feel like screaming when you get a busy dial tone or your fax mysteriously disappears from the machine? How about toner? Why does it seem like fax machines are

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MetroFax Recognition

By | Posted January 20th, 2012


It’s always an energizing feeling when you come across an article mentioning your brand, business, company or organization. Business Pundit, a business magazine with forward thinking business ideas, published an article about the evolution of productivity in the modern digital age. From Post-it® notes to filing cabinets and even the calendar, it’s clear that old

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Why Fax When You Can MetroFax?

By | Posted January 13th, 2012


Losing your battle with the fax machine? You’re not the only one. Allow us to show you a smarter solution: MetroFax. As more offices go paperless and documents turn digital, MetroFax lets you maintain efficiency and flexibility, while also staying sensitive to a cost-effective budget. Here are four reasons why you should ditch that old

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If Everyone Used MetroFax

By | Posted December 28th, 2011

Tablet Faxing Has Arrived

Our recent 12 Days of MetroFax contest generated a ton of great conversation with our loyal customers. Here are some of our favorite comments: Real Life: William B: “As a trucker, I find this app extremely useful!” Ileana I: “MetroFax is awesome-simple to use, multi-user capability, keeps the office organized and most of all we

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