Top Technologies For The Traveling Entrepreneur

By | Posted August 6th, 2012


When you’re traveling for business and you’re set to attend meetings, make presentations, and network with your peers, you have to be prepared and professional. Here are some tips on how to use technology to stay productive and presentable while you’re on the road or flying to a faraway location.

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Is 2012 better than 1970?

By | Posted May 3rd, 2012


Since the early 70s there have been many types of office machines that throughout the years, have helped workers communicate with people around the corner and across the globe. The advancements in technology for office products actually enable those office workers to work from places outside of the office today. This infographic shows the differences

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How to De-Clutter Your Office

By | Posted March 27th, 2012


Is your office out of control with papers, old electronics, cables and useless furniture? This infographic will give you helpful tips to de-clutter your office and help you become a more effective and productive worker.

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How to Run a Paperless Office

By | Posted March 13th, 2012


Saving hundreds of thousands of trees via copy paper waste reduction sounds like a reason enough to adopt a paperless policy – but think of all the benefits that are more personal.  Less filing, sorting, stapling and physically archiving copies of necessary documents that are there “in case.”  This infographic aims to show how easy

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Funny Uses For Your Old Fax Machine

By | Posted February 29th, 2012


In the era of modern technology, such as online faxing, many cubicle dwellers are finding themselves with an abundant supply of obsolete gadgets, such as the fax machine. Instead of allowing it to collect dust in your office or – even worse – sit for ages in a landfill after you trash it, we have

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