Evolution Of The Fax

By | Posted December 20th, 2011


What came first: the telephone or the fax machine? The answer might surprise you. Predating the telephone by 11 years, the fax machine was the fastest way to transmit information across space. Take a look at this infographic showing how far the fax machine has come; from it’s patent in 1846, to the digital faxing

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Green Reasons To Switch To Online Faxing

By | Posted November 22nd, 2011


Are MetroFax customers saving the planet? By switching to online faxing, they’re certainly doing their part to cut down on waste. That ends up being  good for the environment and good for business. The amount of waste from offices is staggering. Yearly fax paper usage equates to roughly 15 million trees and uses environmentally harmful

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How Many Trees Have Been Faxed?

By | Posted October 26th, 2011


There usually aren’t forests surrounding office buildings, so it’s hard to imagine how wasting paper can harm the environment. This infographic will help you visualize the consequences of corporate faxing and other paper use. Through faxing alone, each U.S. company uses 4 trees per year — and that’s one company. Find out how using less

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