Copy Machines Gone Wild

By | Posted November 16th, 2011

On a typical day of work, everything about the copy machine will be normal. There won’t be a cat lying in it, and no funny messages will be waiting for the next unsuspecting person who has to lift the panel up to copy a document. However, some lucky folks have had the pleasure of being entertained.

Silliness and stupidity can really liven up the experience of trekking to the copy machine. Surprisingly, pretty ridiculous things have happened involving copy machines, and the world is grateful for those who go out of their ways to document them. Here’s a list of the funniest ones. (Don’t try these at home.)

“My God.”

C’mon, give this person some credit. Maybe he or she was just trying to save paper and thought the staple wouldn’t cause much damage. Either way, the best part about this scenario isn’t that someone was dumb enough to put stapled paper in the tray, but that someone was so enraged about it that his or her disgust was written down on the very pieces of paper in question.


With all the tasks machines can perform these days, can this person be blamed for assuming the machine could rip off the outside covering of this ream of paper? Apparently the answer is yes, because the individual who took this picture clearly sought to reveal the mishap and embarrass the culprit. Maybe one day, technology will advance to the point that any kind of packaged paper can be placed in the machine.

Light Reading

Making a copy or sending a fax can take a few minutes, so instead of twiddling thumbs, why not put a book inside of the machine? Someone appears to have done this though it probably didn’t last for very long.  It’s a pretty obvious what-doesn’t-belong scenario. Maybe the whole office is in on it as some sort of secretive book club!

School Project

Flat Stanley is one of those awesome school projects for young kids based on the book called (surprise) Flat Stanley. The story describes a boy who’s flat and is able to travel via mail. The project involves kids making their own Flat Stanleys and taking him places or, alternatively, sending him to relatives who are supposed to take pictures with Stanley in various places. Somehow, a fax machine ended up being this Stanley’s fate.

Snack Time

This unusual find only raises questions. Is this person a frequent user of the copy machine and tends to suffer from hunger pains when waiting for the documents? Was someone continuously stealing this person’s lunch, so he or she stealthily hid the meal throughout the office? Regardless, this is definitely a way to beg ants to invade the area.

‘Tis the Season

Perhaps the most puzzling part of this image is why anyone anywhere would ever want to duplicate fruit cake. Sugar cookies, apple pie, and candy canes are all worthier candidates. A fruit cake is bad enough — a picture of a fruit cake has to be one of the worst gifts ever.


Even better than the weird and accidental things found in fax machines are the purposeful ones. This video shows an awesome prank in which a girl climbs into a copy machine that appears to be sitting in the middle of a mall. When an innocent person strolls over to copy something and lifts up the panel, the girl makes crazy faces at them from beneath the clear film (where the paper would go). Check out the video to see a bunch of people jump and shriek from the shock of it.
As typical as copy machines seem, some random stuff has been found in and around them. Several weird instances probably went undocumented, but there are certainly more to come.