How Much Money Green Papers Save Businesses

By | Posted October 11th, 2011

More and more people have been deciding to “go green” these days.  This can have a positive impact on the environment, but it can have a positive impact on wallets, as well. Companies tend to lose track of how much they spend on paper, printing, fax machines, etc., but these are all costs that can add up to incredible amounts.

In order to cut costs dramatically, businesses should pay more attention to new technologies out there than can revolutionize potentially outdated office activity. Faxing, an office staple, drains a lot of resources, and many people overlook this. However, the implementation of online faxing can save companies thousands of dollars a year, and here’s how.

Fax machines

A decent fax machine can run you up to a couple hundred dollars, and that’s just the initial payment. If you have several  fax machines, multiply that number. You can eliminate these costs or avoid paying for fax machines if you switch to online faxing. But if you decide to buy the fax machine, the costs will only escalate from there.


Every fax is printed, and paper is not cheap. The average office discards about 350 pounds of paper each year per employee. If your office has 25 people, that’s 8,750 pounds per year your company uses on paper alone! Granted, not all of this is due to faxing, but imagine how much you can save by cutting down your fax printing to zero. Then factor ink usage into the equation!

Phone line

Adding another phone line in order to use your fax machine can cost about $50 a month or $600 a year. With online faxing, however, the price includes an incoming (and sometimes even a local) phone number. These yearly and reoccurring expenses are draining, and the longer a company sticks with physical fax machines, the longer it’ll have to make these payments.


Even when you’re not receiving faxes, the fax machine is on and consuming energy without being productive whatsoever. A study shows that fax machines might only be active for an average of 3.7% of the time they were on, and if this is the case, all of that energy use when it’s essentially inactive served no purpose. Online faxing removes this waste of energy (and money!) from the equation entirely. If everyone in the country switched to online faxing, the country could save $7 to $20 million per year in energy costs.


When you consider how long it takes to send a fax multiplied by how many times someone sends faxes in a year, the time really adds up. Once the paper has gone through the fax machine, you’ve dialed the number, and you’ve made sure that the fax has successfully sent, a few minutes have gone by.

Also factor in the times the paper jams or the fax unsuccessfully sends, and more time is wasted trying to resolve the problem. If a person spends five minutes sending a fax and faxes three things a day, the person is spending about 90 hours a year on faxing. If you value the employee’s time at $20/hour, that’s $1,800 spent on wasted time per employee who faxes.


If physical faxing becomes a thing of the past, look around your office and consider how much money you’d save. So many company purchases seem like necessities, but that’s not necessarily true. Online faxing allows everything to be done via computer, and you could be saving money on things you never even considered saving money on. Switching to online faxing can save your company more than 50% on faxing costs, and those savings could make a big difference to your company.