New MetroFax Dashboard Features!

By | Posted October 26th, 2012

It was a record-setting summer in Seattle with lots of sun and no rain. But as tempting as it was to spend every sunny moment out enjoying the great Northwest outdoors, we’ve been hard at work bringing you new features for MetroFax.

We get our best ideas for improvements and new features from our customers. We’ve listened and now we’re pleased to announce new MetroFax features. 

  • You can now upload a custom cover page that can be used for faxes that you send from your email client or from the MetroFax Dashboard. Even better, we’ve made designing custom cover pages easier so you don’t have to learn Word document fields or be a computer geek.
  • Want to send a press release, alert customers to a new service, or spread the word about weekly sales? Now you can prepare your fax in advance and schedule the transmission for future date and time up to a year in advance.
  • We realize your world might not revolve around a clock based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)? We’ve made it easy for you to customize the time zone that appears in fax headers. Use your current time zone, or customize to any other location.
  • Who is 273-555-0163? Now your fax confirmations include contact names from your MetroFax contacts address book. No memorization is required to match fax numbers with people or company names.
  • If your account includes multiple users, as an administrator, you can apply changes such as cover page, email delivery, and fax confirmation options to multiple users simultaneously.

These features are available now and can be configured in the MetroFax Dashboard. If you’re a MetroFax customer, log in to the MetroFax Dashboard at For your Login ID, you can use either your email address or your fax number. If you need to create or change a password, click Forgot Your Password?

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