Four Most Frustrating Work Issues We All Deal With

By | Posted July 17th, 2012

So, you’re angry a majority of your time in the workplace. You look at your personal life and realize that after work, you’re thrilled to be out of there. If this is the case and you’ve become overwhelmingly frustrated in your position at work, know you aren’t alone. Many face similar aggravations, but there are a variety of ways you can deal with them without completely losing your sanity. Here’s a look at a few common frustrations and possible ways to work through them.

1 | Lack of Resources

Have you built up some tension in regards to the lack of resources in your workplace? This is a common frustration. Everyone wants to feel efficient, successful, and that they’re performing to the best of their abilities. If not for your own personal satisfaction, then for a shot at that new promotion you’ve been gunning for. If you’re lacking information, equipment, or any sort of supplies, you should mention so to your superiors. Otherwise, it will not be correctly addressed or you may be getting worked up over something that can be easily resolved.

2 | Animosity toward A Co-Worker

It’s definitely aggravating knowing someone you don’t get along with. Perhaps you don’t see them every hour of every day but you know when you do, they rub you the wrong way. Well, imagine this small conflict gets back to your supervisor or the human resources department. The tension in the office could escalate or worse, you could stand to lose your job over this quarrel.

Many try multiple strategies to defuse these situations. 75% of disgruntled individuals talk to another person about how they feel while 47.5% continue to ignore the situation as if it does not exist. Instead, the best solution could be to calmly confront your co-worker and iron out your frustrations with each other privately. Be the bigger person, and don’t let your differences be what stands in your way of a successful career.


3 | Too Much Work, Too Little Time

That Friday you’ve been anticipating all week long finally rolls around, but on your desk that morning is a mountain of paperwork to sort through and file before Monday. Looks like you’re going to have a late night and an extended workweek that eats into your coveted weekend time. If it seems as though you’re getting more work than you can handle, you have a number of options. You can ask for a promotion, a raise, or some extra help. Chances are if you address your supervisor with the problem, a compilation of data as evidence of your workload, and a reasonable solution thereafter, they will find it hard to disagree.

4 | No Job Security

Though the employment rate is slowly improving, it’s still very unsettling to think about the chances of losing your job. If you’re afraid of being fired but you’re confident in your abilities as an employee, there are a few steps you can take. Communicate your frustrations with your boss or someone higher up in the company, depending upon your position. And do more than just “get by” at work—excel! Push yourself to go the extra mile. If you make yourself invaluable, your boss isn’t going to have the room to be able to fire you.


It may seem impossible to overcome that nagging frustration you feel at work. However, with a little help and self-motivation, you can find a healthy way to relieve the stress. Everyone feels frustration from time to time, but not everyone can remain professional and calm. Try your best to overcome the trials and tribulations at work so you can become an all around happier person.