Announcing MetroFax Printer 3.0

By | Posted January 25th, 2013


Last fall we updated the MetroFax Dashboard and now it’s time to bring you new features for the MetroFax Printer. With the MetroFax Printer, can fax from almost any Windows application as simply as printing a document. We’re pleased to announce MetroFax Printer 3.0 with new features that customers just like you requested. Updates in

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Everything You Need to Know About Sustainable Offices

By | Posted January 22nd, 2013

Green Office

With trusted institutions like World Bank weighing in on the dire need to reduce carbon emissions, a green office is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Beyond necessity, going green is more practical and economical than ever. What makes a sustainable office? It’s a combination of team, office, and building practices that make a workplace

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A Lifetime of Waste

By | Posted January 8th, 2013

A Lifetime of Waste

Everybody needs time away from their desks; it’s unavoidable. But the cost, in terms of both time and money, can be shocking if you’ve never stopped to do the math. In an attempt to stem time-sucking online activities, many employers have turned to a Big Brother solution; monitoring all activities on the company server, restricting

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Work and Productivity Tips from History’s Most Productive

By | Posted December 12th, 2012

Work and Productivity Tips from History's Most Productive

Productivity is a popular topic among business owners. The equation is simple: the more productive your workers are, the fewer workers you need to get the job done, and the healthier your bottom line is. The key is to balance productivity with workload so you and your staff are not overworked or overstressed. Some of

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9 Ways to Use New Technology to Green Your Daily Commute

By | Posted December 6th, 2012


If you drive more than a few miles to work every day and you’re environmentally conscious, or just appreciate the value of conserving resources (like your own time and money!), check out developments in the green movement to make your daily drive more energy-efficient. Tires That Save Miles   Did you know that a new

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