Smartphones Mean Business

By | Posted December 2nd, 2011

It wasn’t that long ago that RIM’s BlackBerry dominated the business phone market. However, the introduction of the iPhone and Google’s Android platform has revolutionized the smartphone market and the way businesses treat them. In fact, according to Mashable, nearly 50% of small business owners now use smartphones. Functioning as personal organizers and, even, personal assistants, smartphones have the capability to increase efficiency no matter where you are.

If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of smartphones for your business, here are 5 reasons to take another look:

Power in your pocket

Smartphones essentially offer the same advantages as your personal computer, without the hassle of lugging it around. It’s now easier than ever to sync up your office email (use an exchange server to deliver Microsoft Office messages) or connect with web-based email services like Gmail. With a smartphone, you really don’t have an excuse to not reply to that email anymore.


When Apple released the iPhone 4S earlier this year, it introduced one of the most novel smartphone features along with it. Siri allows users to schedule meetings, make phone calls, send messages, and more, simply by using your own voice commands. As one of the most adept voice recognition technologies, Siri can actually have a conversation with the smartphone user. Get to know Siri here.

Stay in touch

With 3G and 4G networks, smartphones often have Internet service even where laptops don’t. Go beyond email, web surfing and phone calls with mobile hotspots, which can supply web access to nearby computers, tablets and other devices. Wherever you’re working, you can have easy access to company networks, important documents, and business calendars, so that you are never out of touch.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are available for weather, games, movies, social media and, of course, MetroFax. Apple, Android and BlackBerry all offer their own app stores. The MetroFax mobile app allows iPhone and Android users to send and receive faxes instantly. You can read more about the MetroFax app here.

Relax with your smartphone

When you’re out of the office, you can take your mind off work with your smartphone. Stream music, check your fantasy football team, play mind-busting games, or even watch a movie.  Your smartphone provides a quick vacation to help you unwind. Now get back to work!