Think You Can’t Switch Your Fax Solution? Think Again.

By | Posted April 3rd, 2012

You may have considered the convenience and affordability of online faxing, but certain concerns have prevented you from making the switch. Let’s investigate some of these concerns and see if perhaps online faxing is the answer to your problems.

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I want to keep my current fax number.

You may have a lot of numbers swimming in your brain – just your mobile, home, and spouse’s numbers are enough – but add to that your office number and extensions and your fax number, and you’re on information overload. Not to mention that your clients all know your current fax number and it’s printed on your business cards. Of course, you don’t want to start from scratch!

The great news is that, in most cases, your existing fax number can be transferred to an online service. Depending on your number’s portability, the transition could go over without a hitch. [1]

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I’m looking for an easy learning curve.

Sending a fax online doesn’t necessarily need to be a scary experience. Let’s say for a second you have a favorite software for faxing. No one would blame you if you didn’t want to switch to a new system. The point is you can choose which method best suits your needs in the moment. Some options for quick access include logging in to a faxing service’s website, using a smartphone, or sending and receiving faxes using your email account. [2, 4]

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I want to use equipment I already have.

Online faxing is done entirely on the Internet with your computer, your Internet connection, and existing software. You do not need to buy a new modem or external machine. In fact, you do not necessarily need to buy any new equipment at all. [7]

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I want to save money.

Consider the cost of the dedicated phone line – or multiple lines – you may currently use for your fax machine. Add in any long distance charges you may pay for sending faxes to your farthest client. Now, imagine that gone. Next, add in the costs of maintenance and repairs for your fax machine. Those will be a thing of the past as well. Finally, consider the reams of paper that could be saved to make the planet a little bit greener. [3]

Additional savings can be had if you choose a company with a lower cost-per-page to use their online faxing solution. Otherwise you may end up paying absurd fees that are just unnecessary. [4]

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I do not want to be limited in where and when I send faxes.

With online faxing services, you may send faxes anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Instead of paying per-minute long distance fees for international faxing via phone lines, you can pay a per-page rate, which varies depending on the country. With MetroFax, an online faxing service, you never pay a per-minute fee, no matter how long the receiver may take. This is something to consider if you’re stretching your communications budget. [5]

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I want better security.

Have you ever walked over to the fax machine to pick up a document you were expecting, only to find it missing? Later, a coworker may have walked it over to your desk, apologizing for getting it mixed in with her faxes. This is a scenario that plays out in offices worldwide, and one that threatens document security.

Plus, did you know that some fax machine models allow you (or anyone) to reprint a fax from memory? While this is a great feature if you want to get your lost printout returned, it certainly isn’t good for security. Anyone could reprint and read your faxes. Whether you are concerned with your client’s confidentiality or don’t want to share information with your office mates or those who may buy the printer after it has been disposed of, then a fax machine will not be the right option. [6]

A reputable online faxing service, however, can possibly eliminate some of these concerns. Depending upon how secure you’d like to be, you can fax using a password-protected, SSL-encrypted website. Various online fax services also offer TLS encryption for email messages. Your faxes do not need to be printed out prior to sending, as they would with a traditional machine. [4,7]

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I need service for a small business.

If you are a small business or even a solo entrepreneur, you may find it ideal to sign up for online faxing. With the capability to fax from your laptop or mobile phone, you don’t have to slow down for a minute to send and receive important documents. Consider your business’ economic growth when shopping for an online fax provider. You should also look into their customer service to ensure that they can be contacted by phone or email and that they can adapt to your expanding business. [8]

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I need services for a large business.

Whether you need to expand or replace your existing faxing system, you can utilize all the flexibility and features of online faxing for even the largest corporation. Only online faxing offers the capability to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously. You can have as many dedicated fax numbers as you need. [9] API integration delivers customizable software that meshes with online faxing; providing immediate fax services via the Internet. [7]

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Think again.

There’s a lot to consider regarding online faxing. It could add up to cheaper costs and improved functionality of your business, but the most important thing to remember is the convenience. Just remember to consider all your needs and don’t short yourself when shopping around.