Top 7 Businesses That Can Benefit from MetroFax

By | Posted June 4th, 2012

Alexander Bain was the first person to patent a design for a faxing device in 1843. Since his time, the designs of faxing machines have come a long way and they are seen in many offices around the world. Though, by today’s standards, faxing is an old technology. [1]

There’s a modern method that could be much more efficient than having to mess with the dated device. Online faxing services, such as MetroFax, are becoming viable options for businesses looking to move away from the old way of doing things. [2]


With the birth of online faxing, the ability to send faxes via yoursmartphone has become a great choice, even for businesses that are just getting off their feet. [3] Retailers can benefit from using MetroFax’s services to quickly send bank information, receive requests for shipments using the service’s SSL-encrypted dashboard, send email messages across a secured TLS connection, or from virtual private network (VPN) solutions. [9]


Home Improvement

Moving information can be slow and inconsistent when using traditional faxing methods. In a world where faxes are needed for billing, or for the transfer of images and ideas, home improvement businesses might want to look into online faxing solutions. Faxing customers’ bills or floor plans via your phone or email could lighten your workload and speed up the process, allowing you to get that next job started as soon as possible.

Background Checks

There’s a lot of liability and pressure put on companies when it comes to hiring new employees. It is increasingly important to perform background checks to avoid any possible lawsuits or negative impacts upon budgets or a company’s reputation. Many large companies use third-party background check providers to screen existing and new employees. [11]

What if you could quickly and easily receive the necessary information for a background check within seconds and without ever using an actual fax machine?

This can be a reality with MetroFax’s Dashboard feature, even when all you have is your smartphone. Additionally, you’ll need access to the consent and disclosure forms, the pre-employment inquiry form, and in some cases, you may also have to fax over the job candidate’s resume. MetroFax’s Dashboard allows you to fax all these documents quickly and conveniently, enabling you to manage your faxes and stay ahead of the game. You also have the option to resend a fax and pull the necessary forms from various cloud services. [5, 10]


The pharmaceutical industry is already using fax machines and electronic services, but with so much personal information being passed around, it could deter possible customers. Many traditional fax machines can re-print documents, which could compromise customer information and identity if they fall into the wrong hands. If you’re using online faxing such as MetroFax, you can view, delete, or send faxes through a password-protected website for privacy and security.

Faxing via email can also offer its own encryption to make it safer for consumers and the pharmacy staff to transmit private information. [6]

Legal Firms

Signatures are a necessary part of legal work, and with online faxing, you can quickly and easily deliver your legal documents to a judge or client. It can even be done wirelessly in case you find yourself in court all day long. All you need is your laptop or smartphone with a camera in addition to the document you wish to fax.

Real Estate

In 2012, 343,000 houses were sold in the month of April, each one requiring offers and numerous pieces of paperwork to be sent back and forth. [12] Online faxing is a logical solution for those wishing to move quickly to seal a deal on a house before it’s sold to another party. For real estate agents and their clients, this could revolutionize the way they do business.

The demand for apartment housing has resulted in a need for a more reliable method for issuing receipts and necessary paperwork—such as contracts and floor plans. Many prospective tenants could be in distant areas of the country (or outside the country) but need to sign documents, such as a background check or a lease, and quickly. [7]

Though long distance or international faxing can be a hassle (and costly), online faxing offers a cheaper alternative if the Internet is available on any of your devices.

Hotel/Motel/Bed and Breakfast

What would you do if your client wanted a quote faxed over for a 3-night stay, and your fax machine is down or you can’t figure out why it won’t work? Or imagine, your customers are already on the road and need to set up a place to stay without the use of a conventional fax machine. Perhaps it’s time to give up that outdated device and ditch the cost of a dedicated line and fax modem. [8]


Traditional fax machines are on their way out. In the digital age, it has become more convenient to use online faxing services. If you’re looking to cut your fax expenses in half, consider switching to MetroFax for possible savings if the cost and hassle of faxing is an ongoing problem. [2]