5 Ways to Use Social Media to Crowdsource Your Startup

By | Posted September 18th, 2012

There are many methods for inciting potential customers to interact with your business and promote your brand. And it doesn’t always involve buying the biggest billboard you can afford. Here are a few ways you can get your business’ name out there and flourish by using crowdsourcing and a bit of social media.

1 | Obtain Funding [5, 6]

So, you need money to start your business, right? If you have a worthy idea, investors can help you with funding for your project. Crowdsource sites, such as Kickstarter, allow you to post your idea online and possibly receive funding from various other people as a result. With a bit of publicizing and hard work, you can acquire the means to start your business and your path towards success.

2 | Offer Incentives [1]

Offering incentives doesn’t always mean throwing physical gifts at your social network followers—though that would be nice for them. You have the option instead to give discounts towards various products or offer contests with a grand prize. Additionally, you can entice charity enthusiasts by offering to donate money to a worthy cause for a certain number of likes on your business’s social media page. Don’t forget that you can offer up simple statistics and facts to entice information seekers to visit your social media pages, as well.

3 | Get Your Audience Involved [2]

A great example of getting an audience involved is Ben & Jerry’s campaign in 2009, “Do The World A Flavor.” In this event, fans of their ice cream—nearly 100,000 votes worth—were asked to vote on a winning flavor to be sold in stores the following year. To encourage people to vote, Ben & Jerrys offered voters a chance to win a trip to their cocoa farm in the Dominican Republic.

The winning ice cream flavor, Fairly Nuts, was released in stores March 2010, exceeding all of its marketing goals in the process.

4 | Do Something With Customer Feedback [3]

Many businesses these days ask for their customers’ feedback, yet they never do anything with the information they obtain. Make it a point to take the opinions and thoughts you receive from your feedback system and do something about it. Don’t let your customers’ voices fall on deaf ears. And let your customers know that you are listening and that their thoughts make a difference.


5 | Create an Appealing Logo and Creative Design [4]

If you’re looking for a logo or compelling design to attract customers and keep them engaged, now is the time to get cracking on it. Getting your customers engaged in social media means you also need to add visual appeal to your business. Remember to keep it digestible and don’t go haywire with a design that is overly complex. Use color tastefully and make it memorable so that even after many years people will continue to associate your business brand with the design aesthetic you choose.


Social media may seem like a daunting marketing format but with persistence, careful planning, and proper execution, it’s not an impossible market to delve into. Even if you decide that hiring a social media company might be the way to go, you’re ensuring the future and growth of your company by promoting your brand on multiple mediums.


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